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Getting a Headstart with Your Christmas Cards

Getting a Headstart with Your Christmas Cards

Every year it sneaks up on me. Christmas.

In California it’s not surprising. It’s 90 degrees until December anyways, so by the time it starts to feel even remotely like winter, I haven’t done any shopping, the house is still decorated from Halloween and Christmas cards are the last thing on my radar!

I tried to get ahead of the game this year considering life is CRAY CRAY right now and wanted to get the Christmas cards out of the way and ready to send out to family so I can enjoy this holiday season with my littles, stress free!

Anyone else kinda picky when it comes to designing your cards? I’d like to say I am pretty minimal when I design them, but I am always left wanting to change the colors of the template but can’t, or left with hand addressing ALL THE ENVELOPES and well, ain’t nobody got time for that. I wanted a simple and sleek design this year to highlight the newborn family photos with the twins (thanks, Valentina!) with some space on the back to highlight all that has happened this year in our family. Basic Invite was who I went with while designing our cards because it was so much different and EASIER than other websites I have used in the past. They had almost unlimited colors for their templates that I could change and customize to my liking. You can also design multiple cards and have custom samples sent to you before buying your cards in bulk, I thought that was pretty neat! Here’s what I went with:

Basic Invite 4.JPG

I kept the design simple, but loved being able to add the little ornaments on the back highlighting different events of this year like my brother and sister in law announcing they were pregnant and then having their sweet babe in September, the kids birthdays, my other brother and sister in laws wedding, etc!

And the dreaded envelopes… they made it SO EASY. First off they had over 40 different colors of envelopes, and I went with the beautiful gold ones to add some sparkle to our simple cards. Uploading my addresses was super easy because of their address capturing service. I was able to download my addresses that I have stored in Postable, and uploaded it into their template, BAM. They address the envelopes for you (with a return address as well!!) and have multiple fonts to choose from with previews to make sure you’re happy with the look.

Basic Invite 2.JPG

Aren’t they pretty? I’m so happy with them and glad that I got it OUT OF THE WAY.

Go ahead and get a headstart before the holidays sneak up on you too. Basic Invite has holiday pic cards, simple Christmas cards, and if you’re hosting holiday parties, they have gorgeous christmas party invitation templates as well! Right now they have a code so you can get 30% off your order when you enter holi30 at checkout!

Hope you can enjoy the holiday season this year and focus on those sweet memories with the ones you love.



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