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How to Make a Simple Flower Arrangement

How to Make a Simple Flower Arrangement

I love having fresh blooms in the house. A friend of mine from church said that she loves having them because it attracts your eye to the flowers instead of the mess... can I get an Amen?? 

Simple flower arrangements are easy to make & pretty affordable but can be intimidating to someone who isn't a professional. You can get as fancy as you want or as simple as you please. It is a fun way to add a natural element to your home & I think making the arrangement is pretty therapeutic! My friend Megan taught me some great arrangement tips that I've tweaked and made my own! Just have fun with it. (Find her gorgeous work on @meganharrisdesigns) 

Here is one way to create a simple flower arrangement! (For you florists out there, this is totally just how I do it and probably not "professional" hahah) 

1. Find a vase.

You might have one laying around the house or you can use a drinking glass, mason jar, coffee mug, etc! Doesn't really matter what is holding the flowers as long as you like it! 

2. Grab some flowers. Obviously! 

I usually grab the cheapest/prettiest bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe's on my weekly grocery shopping trip! Such affordable blooms! Trim the leaves off the stems. 


3. Get yo' greens. 

Trader Joe's usually has some greenery as well that I snag to help fill up the vase and add some body to the arrangement. You can also go outside and trim some branches off a tree or some ferns growing around your yard! Again, trim the leaves off the stems of the greens so that the greens just stick out the top of your vase rather than going down into the vase. 


4. Now add it all together! 

Start with GREENS first. Put in your vase around all edges and the middle. Trim stems if too long. 


Now, add your flowers! Fill in your blooms around the greenery. There isn't a perfect way to do this, just add where it looks right to your eye. Have varying heights of blooms and make sure the greenery is dispersed throughout. 


Voila! You've got yourself a pretty, simple, flower arrangement! Don't be afraid to move the blooms around or trim up the greens, you can't really mess it up! It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Start doing this a bit more often when you do your grocery shopping and you'll get more comfortable and creative with each arrangement! 

What are your favorite blooms? Mine are always peonies... but this arrangement is Lisanthus, Dahlia's & Carnations with Eucalyptus, Ruscus & another green/white flower I can't remember the name of! 

Don't you love that the Lord created beautiful things for us to enjoy?!


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