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How to Wake Up A Tired Face

How to Wake Up A Tired Face

I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired!

But I have a trick that will help those tired eyes perk up and look AWAKE!

This is something you can add to your makeup routine at any time and will help color correct and brighten your undereye area. Add it to the center of your face and gives you a lit from within GLOW.

See my video below for how you can achieve this bright faced look with one highlight color!

Pretty simple right? And makes a huge difference!

If you’d like to be custom color matched for your own brightening shade or for your own custom Maskcara Palette head over to www.kellychakerian.com/get-color-matched.

To buy any of the tools used to achieve this look visit this website!

I used the tapered end of the 30 Second HAC brush to brighten!

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Basic Maskcara 3D Foundation Application

Basic Maskcara 3D Foundation Application