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Tips on how to host guests for dinner

Tips on how to host guests for dinner

Hosting people for dinner in our home is something my husband and I love to do! There is something special (& biblical!) about sharing conversation & some grub around the dinner table. This is also a great way to serve, pamper & make others feel thought of. 

You don't need to have a "perfect home" or all your decor set up the way you wish, it's the intentionality you've taken to create a space for them that will be appreciated! 

Here are a few tips on how to host guests for dinner!

Invite people over!

Whether 2 or 10... the way you will actually get people in the door is if you actually ask them to come over. 


You don't have to know how to cook! Order in some good Thai or grab a pizza. If you enjoy cooking, whip up one of your favorites or something you know your guests love! Nervous about breaking the bank? Guests usually offer to bring something, so have them bring a side, salad or dessert. You don't have to do everything! I will share some of my favorite recipes that are affordable and yummy on another day. 

Clean up a little.

This doesn't mean you need to deep clean your home everytime you have guests... I'm just saying make sure the toilet doesn't have pee spots or un-flushed toddler poo...you want your friends to come back! This is my favorite, non-toxic cleaning spray to spritz in the bathrooms & quickly wipe the counters with. 

Light a candle.

There is nothing more inviting than walking into a home that smells nice (even if the place is a mess!) These are some of my favorites! 

Set the table.

Grab the paper plates & plastic forks (because dishes seem to be life) BUT, if you have time, spoil your guests & break out the silverware and glass plates (hey, you really wanted those off your registry didn't you?)

Go outside and pick some greenery or flowers and toss in a cup or vase. Something about fresh blooms makes guests feel like you prepared for them and the room feel more cozy. 

Ask some questions.

Everyone gets to share & you get to know each other better! Our friends Matt & Nicole are really intentional about this when they host us & we love it! You can ask some that are light hearted, or you can dig real deep. Here are a few: 

-Top 3 favorite foods and why (then you can cook that for them next time!) 

-Most memorable moment from this last week? 

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-What are your biggest goals right now?

Grab the French Press. 

This sounds silly, but there is something that makes you feel cozy when you're sharing a warm drink with friends! Our friends Ryan & Jill always have coffee brewing to sip by a fire once the babies are down...& it's just more fun to have coffee brewed in said French Press

Play a game!

We have yet to find many dinner guests that don't love a round of Taboo or Ticket to Ride


There you have it, easy enough! Go ahead and call some friends and share a meal. You'll be glad you did! 

Picture above is again an un-staged, mediocre attempt at photography to document hosting friends at our place the other night. We enjoyed some great conversation over Wing Stop and paper plates with a candle lit & voila, hosted some guests for dinner! 

What are your favorite things to do when you host guests? Share in the comments! 



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