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My Top 10 Newborn Must Haves (that I didn't have with my first)

My Top 10 Newborn Must Haves (that I didn't have with my first)

I find myself surrounded by friends having/adopting little's OR friends that are praying for little's soon! Preparing for a baby comes with a lot of unknowns.... what will they look like? What will they be like? What do I do when they cry? How do I help them sleep? How do I sleep? What happens to me after baby? And the questions go on and on. 

I am pretty minimal in my approach to parenting... I don't like a lot of stuff because my house already gets messy enough without adding any of my kids things to the mix. If you're getting ready for your first babe, you probably already have the basics; a carseat, a crib, onesies, etc... but I have crafted up a list of things I didn't know about the first time around that I made sure I had for my second baby! 

1. Velcro Swaddles

WHY: Ain't nobody got time (or ability) to swaddle a squirmy baby at 2 in the morning when you are a first time mom!

The Ollie Swaddle 

More affordable option

For babies who like to swaddle with their arms up 

2. Bamboobies

WHY: Your boobs are going to leak! This is a natural and super absorbent option to help keep that shirt from having leak marks! 

Yes they are called Bamboobies and yes they are Prime

3. Nightgown

WHY: Whether you have a hospital birth or a home birth, you are going to want to wear something comfortable, nursing friendly and flowy enough to hide that big ol' postpartum pad. 

The one I loved with Mack! 

4. Dock A Tot

WHY: This was a super helpful option for me to set Mack in at night and during the day to have him near me while recovering from my C-section. It's also a great alternative to a pack n play in the early days if going to someone else's house and if they need to nap. I used this pretty much only in the early months because I didn't want it to become a sleep prop for Mack, but use it still when we travel or go to a friends house and he needs to sleep. I would also not get the all white option because #spituphappens but it does wash very well! 

 Dock A Tot  

5. Mama Devotional

WHY: Everyday you just need a minute to ask the One who made that babe of yours for some help & put some truth into that soul of yours! My friend Natalie sent this to me after Mack and it is my go to devotional when I only have a couple minutes to jump into the Word and am feeling discouraged as a mama. 

Pressing Pause-100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus  

6. Lanolin Cream

WHY: I know, I know, it's a lot having to do with boobs but this was the only stuff that helped my lady lumps while learning to nurse! 


7. Carseat Cover/Nursing Cover

WHY: No one will touch your newborn when this is over the carseat and now you'll never forget the nursing cover! They have so many different types of these now-a-days, you can't go wrong! 

Striped One 

Cute Gray and White Geo Print One

8. Baby Balm

WHY: Sometimes their skin is dry, or your skin is dry, or they have a little cut from scratching their face, or they have a diaper rash. I use this balm for ALL of that & it is free of harmful toxins or fragrances! 

Beautycounter Baby Balm  

9. The Solly Wrap

WHY: When the baby just won't nap but you still need to pee, make yourself some coffee, or get outside for a little stroll the baby just sleeps so well in the Solly. This material is the best I have found of the wraps because it is SUPER breathable & thin. Yes, there are youtube tutorials to teach yourself how to wrap it. Yes, it will seem too tight but the baby is fine as long as they are breathing :). 

The Solly Wrap

10. Gripe Water

WHY: If your baby is anything like mine, they get hiccups and then they don't sleep. THIS STUFF STOPS THEM IMMEDIATELY PRAISE JESUS LORD OF LORDS YOU CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP. 

Gripe Water (Holy, Miracle, Hiccup Stopping Water)

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites so that those newborn days are filled with a little less stress and a lot more snuggles. What are your favorite newborn must haves? Comment below! 


Photo courtesy of Valentina Glidden 

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