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Skincare and Makeup Routine

Skincare and Makeup Routine

I thought I’d post all the links to my favorite skincare and makeup currently! I have a tutorial of a simple makeup look on my highlights on instagram if you want to see how I use these products!

Nourishing Cream Cleanser- Beautycounter

I use this cleanser everyday! Removes makeup and dirt beautifully. I like to put it on a dry face and work it into my makeup, get my hands a little wet and work it in some more, and then rinse!


Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer- Beautycounter

This is my everyday moisturizer that adapts to changes in weather and in your skin! I am never left oily and yet my skin is still hydrated. I apply after I cleanse my skin!


Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream- Beautycounter

I apply this around my eyes after I moisturize. Helps de-puff and prevent wrinkles!


Next I use my Maskcara palette I ordered from my friend Ashley! The makeup is light and creamy, yet covers well and doesn’t look cakey. The idea is to put only what you need on the areas of your face that need it! Brightening the “triangle” of your face and contouring below your cheekbones, around forehead, and down sides of nose to highlight your features, and illuminating the points that the sun naturally hits your face for a beautiful glow!

Here are the shades that I use!

Amber Highlight- Maskcara


Olive Contour-Maskcara


Plum Blush- Maskcara


Next I add the Beautycounter Highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow, the inners of my eyes and under my brows. I use a mix of Halo and Golden!

Highlighter Palette- Beautycounter


Next, I use a bronzer color to my eyelids as eyeshadow. I also line the bottom lashline with the same color!

Dune Bronzer- Beautycounter


I then fill in my brows in upward strokes, making it look ultimately like hair lines! I brush through with the spoolie part of the pencil and done!

Medium Brow Pencil- Beautycounter


And lastly, I finish my simple look with my all time favorite lippy color, Twig! It’s the perfect, nude, everyday lipstick. I keep returning to this one!

Twig Lipsheer- Beautycounter


That’s it! Hope you can try out some of these products which are not only amazing quality products, but have clean ingredients as well! Please reach out if you have any questions!


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