Clean Beauty & Skincare

Something I am very passionate about is clean beauty. I joined the Beautycounter team almost 4 years ago because of what I learned about the lack of regulation in the US as to the ingredients in our skincare and products. Beautycounter only uses the highest quality, non toxic ingredients that are also extremely high performing and spread the mission about getting safer products into the hands of EVERYONE!

I was also introduced to Maskcara Beauty about a year ago. They too have safe and non toxic makeup that I have really enjoyed using. Their makeup is simple and beautiful. I think it pairs extremely well with Beautycounter’s makeup and skincare and have enjoyed using the combo of both over the last year!

I think that every woman should feel their best whether they are working a job in the office daily or at home raising little ones. Makeup and beauty can be intimidating, but I am passionate about helping women learn that it doesn’t have to be hard… it can be simple and have a few tools in their tool belt to feel and look their best without sacrificing their health.

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Beautycounter is all about getting safer products into the hands of EVERYONE. Whether it be Beautycounter, or just educating you on the ingredients that are safest to use… they are changing the game of the clean, beauty industry.

Feel free to email me or visit their website to learn more about their skincare and products that are toxin free and all rate a 2 or lower on EWG.

I am happy to recommend products based on your skin needs!

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Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara believes in makeup that should enhance a beautiful face, not cover it up. This “HAC” (Highlight and Contour) Makeup is simple to use without putting on layers and layers of makeup. This not only saves time, but money!

Feel free to send me a photo of yourself with no makeup in natural light so that I can color match you.

If you are local, I am happy to schedule a mini makeover with skincare recommendations, as well as color matching. Not local? You can still send me your photo and I’d be happy to color match you and recommend skincare options for your skin needs.

Thankful that many of these products are also a 2 or lower on the toxicity scale on EWG.